The Liberia Music Awards

The Liberia Music Awards

Your Premier Liberia Music Award Show
Back In LIBeria

Back In LIBeria

T-Bund Theatre, Brewerville
Shake it out

Shake it out

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Event Date & Time

December 23, 2017
@10.00 pm

Event Location

T-Bund Theatre
Brewerville, Liberia


Through Liberia’s 15 years of civil war, so many people used music for uplifting themselves and others.  Through music many people found the courage to stay alive and fight for their lives.  Post-war, musicians made music for inspiration, spirituality, love, comedy and much more.  Even though lives were lost, music made a huge contribution as far as encouragement and uplifting spirits.  We exist to congratulate and thank those with these musical talents. 

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About us

The Mission of the Liberia Music Awards Foundation, Inc is to show and prove that music is not just for entertaining, but also for education, uplifting, reconciliation and healing. So, with its mission being as such, the foundation is gearing towards uplifting rising stars for tomorrow’s entertainment world.  We will help educate and teach musicians through voice training, instrumental skills building and through all and all keeping fit through physical exercise. All will be done while unlocking potentials for them to become world renown musicians tomorrow. 
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    T-Bund Theatre, Brewerville, Liberiaa
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